I’m sitting on the sectional going through my email.  The rain has been falling since before it woke me up at 7:15 this morning.  The is the earliest I have gotten up without provocation in months.  Not saying that I am digging it, but what are you gonna do, eh?

Anyways.  The dog is on her chaise grumping and groaning about not being able to find just the right spot to snore and fart in for the next 12 hours, and I look outside to see this:



Mind you, this is just a representation of what is actually going on outside of my house, but still.  The leaves on my across the street neighbors house are that golden orange color, and the rain is bringing them down off of the tree so that it looks like a leaf blizzard at times.  It is beautiful and exhausting all at the same time, because those leaves are not going to rake themselves.

I was standing in my backyard this last weekend after raking it, and I was looking at my maple tree.  The maple tree that still has a bazillion green leaves on it.  This freaking tree continually refuses to get with the program with the rest to just let the damn leaves turn and drop so that they can go into the compost.  No.  This tree holds onto its leaves like they were a precious commodity.  All the other trees in the yard get tired of their leaves sometime in July and start shedding them then.  But not the maple tree.

A friend sent me this picture which is supposed to be a picture taken just outside of where I grew up….



But unfortunately, I am unable to download the freaking picture so I have to put a representative picture in its place.

I am more that sure that shortly after it was taken it looked like this:

falling leaves1


There has always been something about zooming through leaves in a car.



Listening to the sound as they are gathered up in the slipstream of the car and swirl around as you are zooming past.  Of course, on a motorcycle it is a much different story.  Leaves are like blanket of oil when you are on a bike.  Not so much fun.

And all of those thoughts were generated by a glance out my front window, watching the leaves on my neighbors tree fall.