There are supposedly close to 19 million women writing blogs.  There are 42 million women using social media.  When I was researching this post I typed in the following inquiry:

“How many female bloggers are there in the US?”

I got a bazillion relevant links from business, and marketing groups.

When I typed in this inquiry:

“How many male bloggers are there in the US?”

The first link was:

“Tinder:  The casual sex app.”

What.  The.  Hell.

And the rest of the links on that google front page weren’t any better….or relevant.

No wonder I feel like this…



Dig this….and feel my pain as a man in this sea of women…..

51% of private wealth in the US is controlled by women.

Women control over 60% of personal wealth.

Women account for 85% of all consumer purchasing.

75% of women identify themselves as the primary shopper in their household.



My point is this… is freaking lonely out there on the mean streets of the interwebs.  If you are a guy and aren’t writing about technology, cars, fashion…good lord…me writing about fashion?  Really?….or whining about how beat up I am since my last breakup …you are looked at a little askew.

Which is good.  I AM askew.  Just hang in there, faithful reader…..and hold on, all you new readers.  There is a lot of stuff rattling around in this brain of mine that is interesting to all….


And as always, if you have concerns, comments, thought provoking insights, or just want to say, “Hi!”  You can do so below….just follow the arrows…..



Or fingers…whatever….