I have to admit that I have gotten lazy with you.  You deserve better, and I certainly can do better than I have.  Pictures are nice and all, but it is the text…the words that can, and should tell the story.

I will do better.  I need to do better, because I do like words.  Words are fun.  Words can actually be better than pictures because you can add flavor to the canvas you are painting with words.

Does that make sense?

This was a strange, but very peaceful holiday time for me.  First off, I wasn’t working…..I didn’t have the stress of making sure that the store was prepared for all you crazy customers.  That was very nice.

Second, I wasn’t going to be home for the holidays.  I came to the Carolina Shore to spend time with The Day Walker.  We made prime rib, and we drank Bailey’s, and we talked…good lord have mercy did we talk.

So, I had a very nice holiday.  One of the best that I have had in a long, long time.

And I hope that all of you had the same.

So there are some words for you.  More to follow in the upcoming year.  Best get ready for ’em.