I have talked about my head shaving previously in the post titled, “As Seen on TV.”  Where Rick Harrison, the guy from “Pawn Stars” was touting a new safety razor.

And why those instruments of torture were ever called “safety” razors completely eludes me…I have have one of them in the past, and there was nothing resembling safety when I was finished.  I looked like the loser in a Fight Club match.

Regardless.  The other day I went to change the blade in my Dollar Shave Club razor and dropped the handle in the sink.  Not a big deal, but the thing exploded into a million pieces.

Ok, fine….Hyperbole again, I apologize.  It broke into 3 pieces.  One was the handle itself, and the other two where the part where the blade clicks into.  Why do you need to know all of this?  Because this is my LIFE!  I had to go out and buy a different razor so that I can shave my head, and I still have the blades that went into the Dollar Shave Club razor that broke..and said blades DO NOT fit into any other razor on the planet.  And even though the razor was less than a year old, I will most likely have to buy another one and that pisses me off.

I have reached that old and grumpy stage where I just want things to work like they are supposed to on a regular basis without a bunch of work arounds.  There I said it….I am officially a curmudgeon.