I am sitting in a condo overlooking the Atlantic ocean.  On an island.  The sun is shining, but it is a tad cool.

I want breakfast.  I want bacon and eggs.  But that would mean that I would have to MAKE the bacon and eggs.  Well not actually MAKE them as that would mean that I have the ability to poop out eggs, and slice bacon off of my rib cage.  And that shit ain’t gonna happen.  What I should have said is that I could PREPARE eggs and bacon.  But then that would mean that I have to do the dishes after using them to prepare said bacon and eggs.

Now you could say that I could get my happy ass together, head down to the car and go buy something for breakfast.  And I would remind you….I am on an island.  The nearest place to get breakfast is like 10 miles away.  With showering, dressing, walking out to the car, driving to the restaurant, ordering, driving back, getting out of the car and walking back into the condo we are talking an hour trip.

Just because I don’t want to wash a frying pan and a dish.

First world problems, y’all……..