Many years ago I wrote a blog for the online edition of the local newspaper… it was.  And still is for that matter.  Unfortunately, for me, I stopped writing that blog around 2009.  Like a lot of bloggers and unpaid attention whores my life jumped up and smacked me in the face.  I lost the muse so to speak.



The interesting part of this story, to me anyways, is that Pennlive never took the link down that would lead people to the old blog.  And I took that blog down before I started this one.  Yesterday, after doing my meeting-with-people-who-I-want-to-hire-me errands, I fired up the ole laptop and for funnzies thought I would see who visited the blog.

With in a 15 minute time period I had 14 hits on the old blog page.  Different titles to articles that lead you to a blank page.  I guess that I have finally been found out.



bummer.  I kinda liked the little bit of traffic that I did get from that link.

Now if I could only improve on my european traffic, my life would be complete.