Ralph is a normal guy.  Depending on what you deem normal to be.  Ralph was that guy in the neighborhood you waved at when you saw him on the street.  He was the guy you yelled “Hey” to as you were driving past.  Ralph was the guy you waved to as your cars were passing one another.

You know.  Normal.

Just a normal guy living in a normal house in a normal neighborhood with his normal wife.

Ralph and Amy Townsend live in a town called Waterford.  They live on a street lined with oak, and maple trees.  Just like out of an old TV show.  Their house is in the middle of the block, 416 Jamison lane.  A small brick home built just after World War II.  Three bedrooms, two baths, a finished basement and a decent backyard where the Townsends like to spend their evenings drinking a glass of wine, talking about their day.

Nice.  Hometown American at its finest.

So what went wrong?  What happened to Ralph?