Whether we like to admit it or not, those of us who use social media are attention whores.  Whether you just like to post pictures of your kids, pictures of cats, inspirational sayings, or just vague mawkish crap.  We are seeking attention of one kind or another.  And if you have a business, if you have a service that you want people to purchase you had best be the biggest attention whore out there because attention then equals income.


From the direct, to the passive aggressive.  The ranter, to the whiner.  It is all out there on the interwebs.  Like it or leave it.

And leave it I will.  This is my Grand Proclamation I alluded to last week.  I need a break from social media.  There is nothing out there that doesn’t get my blood boiling, along with producing stomach acid.  So it is time for me to fly.

You will find me on my website, I Am Phil Dodd, or via email.  If you want to chat that is.  If not, see you when we see you.