Not too long ago I wrote a little bit of prose when I couldn’t sleep.  I attached a couple of images to it.

This was one….


This was another….


These two images have brought a tremendous amount of traffic from the Middle East, Asia, Europe, the Scandinavian countries, Canada, along with Central and South America.

Don’t know if any of those folks are sticking around to read anything other than checking out the images, but hey….Thank you for that much, eh?

It would be very interesting to converse with those of you visiting from countries I most likely will never visit.  Not that I wouldn’t like to.  I would love to spend my last years on this planet traveling to exotic locales.  I would love to visit Germany where my Mothers family heralds….England, and Scotland where my Fathers family came from.  Italy and Greece have been visited by my youngest daughter and I would like to be able to talk to her about it from first-hand experience.

Maybe I will hit the lotto at some point.

Yeah.  Maybe not.

Besides, I have so much of the USA that I have yet to see.