Now there is a word for you.  Sounds just the way that it feels when it comes out of your mouth.  Like a smack to the face.

You smug bastard.

Usually administered with a smile on the face of both the giver, and the recipient.


Smug is one of a long list of words that I have issue with.  Well, not really issue…it is just part of a list of words that are attached to images in my head. Like the word “moist”.

I really don’t know anyone who doesn’t say “moist” without a look of mild disgust on their face. Just the sound of the word is mildly disgusting.  Like a sheen of sweat all over your body….one that you just can’t get rid of.


Gives me the shudders.

“Piss” is another word that I am not fond of. It is a urine test, not a “piss test”. The use of that word is like a slap in the face every time I hear someone use it.

Starting to sound like a prude.  Guess I am getting old. What words set your teeth on edge?  And keep it clean, this is a family show……