I mean, really.

Some days I drive close to 200 miles round trip. And some of the things I see and almost run into amaze me.

Like the guy who JUST HAD TO GET IN FRONT OF ME…just so he could IMMEDIATELY JUMP ON HIS BRAKES and make a right turn.

You sir, are a douche bag and need your license revoked.

Or the woman who needed to get around me so that she could IMMEDIATELY SLOW DOWN…most likely because she was talking on her cell phone and couldn’t figure out how to maintain her speed.

You, madam, are an idiot.

Or the the guy who I have no idea what he was doing…but he was sitting at a red light. And was creeping forward….as I was going through, or rather, as I was trying to go through the intersection. He finally looked up from what he had been looking at when my car appeared broadside to his and I laid on my horn.

You, sir, are lucky.

Or the couple in front of me at the stop sign who couldn’t make up their minds as to whether they wanted to go straight, or turn right. They would turn on their right turn signal, and then turn it off. And then would just sit there. Again, my horn was utilized and I got the finger.

Drunk, or high…I don’t care. Just get off of the road.