I drive a lot during the course of my work day and I go through 4-5 different towns. The towns are fairly good sized, and there are bunch of restaurants of various types. Fast food, Mexican food, Thai food, Chinese food, and Waffle House. Bunches, and bunches of Waffle House restaurants.


You just don’t think of waffles as being a food staple in the South. Pennsylvania had chicken and waffle dinners every week at every single one of the billion churches, and fire halls that are dotted every couple of feet throughout the state. But not the South. Biscuits and gravy, maybe….but not waffles.

Come to find out the first Waffle House was opened in Georgia in 1955. The reason it got to be called Waffle House is because waffles are the highest profit item on their menus.



Waffle House used to serve more T-bone steaks than any other restaurant in the world. Unfortunately, they stopped serving the T-bone in 2012. They sell over 25,000 miles of bacon a year. MILES OF BACON!


No wonder they are everywhere.

FEMA has what is called a Waffle House Index. Waffle House has a history of fast recovery after local disasters such as storms, tornadoes, hurricanes and the like. A Waffle House Index.

I guess I need to get on board and find out what this is all about. I like waffles. Haven’t had waffles since I moved away from my parents house. And Lord knows there are bunch of Waffle House restaurants to pick from.

Go figure.