I have managed to pick up a head cold. One that has caused me to use Nyquil to sleep at night, and Dayquil to keep me going through the day. The benefits of Nyquil is that it makes you sleep like the dead. I am one of the lucky ones who can take Nyquil and have it work really well. I know some unfortunate souls who can never take it because it winds them up like some demonic top and sets them spinning down the road.

The Dayquil is a completely different story for me. It is advertised as a non-drowsy formulation that allows you to go aout your daily tasks with no issues. Yeah, for me, not so much. Once I take the Dayquil it is as if I took a major sedative. I find myself staring off into the distance with not a cogent thought going through my head. Just looking at nothing.

And that is where Matthew McConaughey comes in. I was watching some television earlier today and a Lincoln car commercial came on. You know the one I am talking about. Matthew M. is mouthing a collection of words that are supposed to sound profound…deep…in a low, soothing tone of voice. In my altered Dayquil state I actually listened to what he was saying. And I found myself thinking, “What the hell did that man just say?”, after it was all said and done.

The worst part of it all is that I was in the throes of a Dayquil buzz, and I couldn’t separate what I DID hear from what I THOUGHT I heard. And since it was just a commercial for Lincoln cars, I wasn’t that interested in finding out what was actually said.

Head colds. Gotta love ’em……