I’m late.

I’m late for a very important date.

I have three writing projects that are backed up and I am stuck. My thoughts are frozen between my head and my fingers.

The research and been completed. The notes have been taken and are laid out in a reasonable fashion so that the articles can be crafted.

And I am stuck.

Instead I spend my time thinking about upside down vegetable planters, and bromiliads. I scour the interwebs for the laws that need to be followed to sell soaps and scrubs at flea markets.

And to that last point, any of you who really want to spend $6-7 on a single bar of homemade soap at the various festivals and whatnot this summer……just drop me a note. For $10 I can get you 3 bars of soap along with the shipping it will cost you to receive said bars of soap. It is ridiculous the prices that people are charging for soap.

See what I mean?

My head is distracted and diffused……

Maybe it is the breeze coming off of the ocean. Maybe it is the sunlight that is being diffused by the pergola I am sitting under.

It is something, and I wish it would hurry up and get gone. I got stuff to write about.