Sub-titled…”You are a dumbass, Dodd”

I would like to think that I don’t know why I do the things that I do. That there is some THING inside of me, some thought process that just pops up at times and gets me into… know…SITUATIONS.

But it isn’t the truth. I know exactly why I do the things that I do. At all friggin’ times. Because if I DON”T do these things, then I will feel that I missed out on some opportunity, or experience, or whatever.

Yeah. So.

For example: I have a job that should have been completed on Friday, the start of the Memorial Day weekend. And I blasted right past the store where I should have been because I was struggling with traffic and was having way too much fun yelling and grumbling at the tourists. You can only understand this in the context of having to drive through a large tourist area that only has one major road through it.

One. Major. Road.

Full of stop lights and businesses. Along with people looking at those businesses trying to figure out where they want to eat, stay, shop, etc. Did I mention that there is only one major road through this vacation mecca?

Anyway. Caught up in my traffic tirade I blew past the store and didn’t realize that I missed it until I had parked the car at home.

Fast forward to Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. When I have to travel to the vacation mecca so that I can complete this job, that will take me 15 minutes to do, but will cost me 30 minutes of drive time both ways. All because when I scheduled the job I did so because I would be working in that area on that day and it was on the route I would be driving.

Oh, the voo doo that you do, Dodd.