Seems that a lot of internet writers, read “Bloggers”, are jumping on the Memorial Day bandwagon. Or actually, the Decoration Day band wagon. I wrote about Decoration Day last year.

Follow this link and you can read what I wrote.

Before the beer, and BBQ’s it was known as Decoration Day.

There you go. Now, how easy was that?

With the official kick off of the summer season it is also time for our obligatory commentary concerning alcohol consumption. We just came through prom season, the first rounds of college graduations, and when June hits we will be neck deep in high school graduations, marriages, family reunions, and pretty much any other excuse to get together burn some meat and drink.

Run on sentences notwithstanding.

The point of this being that you need to talk to your kids about drinking and driving. Don’t think that they aren’t going to drink. They are. Don’t just listen to their assurances that they aren’t drinking. They are. Know where they are going, and with whom.

Kids want to have fun. Us parents had fun when we were young. And for me, when I was raising all kinds of hell, it was a different world that I wish my kids lived in. Instead of what we have going on around us now.

Yeah it is a dark, and ugly world out there. Or maybe having kids makes it seem that way to me. We all want to protect out kids, no matter what age they are. Just like our parents wanted to protect us.

yeah. That.

Be safe this Memorial Day weekend. Thank every active, and retired service person you come across. They deserve it.