I wrote this post about my relationship with my father. I posted it on Fathers Day. My youngest read it, and shared it on her FaceCrack page and the hits exploded.

Seems there are lots of folks out there who could, and do relate to not having the best of relationships with their parents.

Interesting little tidbit is that my family was one of the founding families of New Ark, New Jersey. Yes, you read that right. Newark was first named New Ark because it was established as a religious colony by folks who broke off from their original settlement in Branford, Connecticut because they felt that that settlement was not religious enough.

If you look at google maps, you can still find a Dodd street in East Orange, along with Doddtown. Whitney Houston lived on Dodd Street when she was young. I have never been. Occasionally, while watching COPS on FOX, I would see an episode that had been filmed in East Orange. The episode would always revolve around drugs, prostitution, and other nefarious behaviors.

Go figure.

Back to the point. After the Fathers Day post hit, I received some really nice comments concerning it. One made me think more than the others though. The comment was made that this post didn’t have the ridiculousness that most of my other posts had.

And my first thought was, “That’s too bad, actually. Because this world we are in is completely ridiculous.”

People becoming famous for no other reason than marketing.

Shaming people because other people think that they are too heavy. Or too thin. Or dress a certain way. Or don’t dress a certain way.

People using handguns and assault weapons to kill large groups of other people. People NOT using handguns and assault weapons to kill other people.

Guns kill people. People kill people. No one can seem to get it right, so we let people continue to kill other people simply because the first group doesn’t like the ones they are killing because of something. Race, religion, political beliefs, choice of toilet paper. Doesn’t seem to matter.

And politics. Let’s talk about politics for a minute. Second thought, let’s not. We are coming into an election cycle and I am already tired of the things being said on both sides.

Republicans are horrible, greedy people. Democrats want to turn the country into a bunch of lazy, immigrant loving, welfare sponges.

Yes. I write about ridiculous things. I write about bad drivers, and tourists. I talk about those things because the reality of the world I live in is even more ridiculous.

And that is the truth, kids.