Sort of a take off on “Walking the Walk.”

Because “Writing the Write” just didn’t seem to work for me. It didn’t sit well either on the page, or in my head. And I tend to compose in my head prior to my fingers ever hitting the keys.

Yet another little factoid. The more you know.

I have mentioned so many times before that I read blogs on a daily basis. Mom blogs, Dad blogs, comedic blogs, not-so comedic blogs, blogs written by people who are either deep in recovery or deep in denial. A theme runs through all of them… can I make money from this….if I monetize what I write will it cheapen what I write?

Artists of whatever medium dream of being able to live on the fruits of their obsession. It is that dual-edged sword of needing/having to let their obsession out, and then hawking it to the highest bidder. So, writers sit down to their keyboards, typewriters, or pen and paper and bleed the words out. Musicians practice, practice, and practice until all they can hear is what they are playing. Artists …well, you get the point.

I have wandered far afield with this one folks….I can’t even remember what point I was trying to make. Guess that I should have made some notes as I was driving to my first appointment this morning. I guess it all comes down to me wondering what YOU get out of what I post here.

Each day I get a number of hits from various places. Different countries. I know some of my friends check in when they see that my brain has vomited something out and they have to check in to see if I have completely gone around the bend. There is always that possibility, you know.

The folks from China, Asia, Europe, the Middle East. Are they also just stopping by to see if a breakdown is in the process?

I wonder.

Why do you check in?