A much different post was going to reside here under that title. A post that was fraught with references to personal responsibility, along with responsibility to the social units we live within.

But discussions with the advisors, the lawyers, along with friends and family made me step away from the keyboard.

Being reminded of the old adage that opinions are like armpits….everyone has a couple and some of them stink. Lord knows I have more than a couple of opinions….and that is where the said group of folks mentioned above step in and talk me down off of the ledge.

Shootings, arguments about gun control (hold it with both hands….he he he he….yeah right), politicians with email problems…for decades spanning numerous political dynasties….Donald Trump.

Oh good screamin’ baybay jaybus….do not get me started on Donald Trump.

Yesterday I was driving on the main highway connecting two points and saw a convoy of pickup trucks…and a couple of those really ugly Caprice station wagons….you know the ones….they look like whales wallowing down the road. Anyway, this procession, this passel of pickup trucks was rolling down the road resplendent in their Confederate flags.

I thought that that business had ended…that we could finally move on. But I was obviously wrong, in that an assemblage of folks in gas guzzling vehicles thought that a beautiful day on the gulf coast required traveling the highway with lights blinking, and horns honking.

God bless their hearts.

The most confusing part for me was the sheer number of Dallas Cowboy flags that were flying side-by-side with the Confederate flags.

And of course I have an opinion about that…enter the advisors, and such. Go sit down, I have no intention of stirring up much….maybe.

It always amazes me the amount of stuff that happens on a daily basis. Good things, bad things. I came across a quote at some point in time, “It’s a good life, if you don’t weaken.” That saying was used as a title for a graphic novel written in the ’90’s.

Life goes on, yo.