I have written about how the the days of the weekend have a flavor and feeling of their own in a post titled:

“The Din Of Silence.”

It used to be that I didn’t really pay that much attention to the weekend because I was usually working. Since 2013 I have had weekends off, and it is interesting to me how the weekend plays out.

Friday is full of anticipation. People are trying to get away from work, and home. There is a feeling of urgency in it all. ¬†Friday night has an out of control aspect to it….as if they have to catch up from the week.

Saturday is the day for chores. Home Depot, Lowes, and Walmart are full of people picking up materials for projects around the house. Around 3pm those projects are completed because it is now time for Saturday night fun. This is around the time that the drinking begins, and the grills are lit….along with their owners.

And that brings us to Sunday.

Sunday wakes up slow, and meanders its way out into the public. Sunday is the time for brunch….mimosa’s….breakfast with the family. There is a softness about Sunday afternoon. People are getting ready for the work week….the urgency of Friday and Saturday are gone.

Unless you live in a resort area….and then all of the above is blown to hell. Other than early mornings are always slow…it is hard to get up early when you have been on the sand in the sun sucking down alcohol.

Salt life, baby.