Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Sweet. So What does this mean?

It means that with the symptoms you have described to me, this is what I classify what you are experiencing.

So, I now fit into a DSM-5 category?

Well, we have to know where to begin, now don’t we?

So. Will it go away.


Ok. Will it improve?

Maybe. But it could also get worse.

You aren’t helping me out here….

It all has to do with how you approach it.

What are my options?

Well. We could treat it with an anti-anxiety drug.



I take enough pills as it is. I don’t need yet another one to have to remember to take every day. And I do not want to feel any more “out of it” than I do right now.

Exercise helps.

I do that.

Eliminating caffeine helps. Along with quitting smoking.

Not going to do it. I like coffee when I can get it, and I drink tea or water the rest of the time. And I like my daily cigar.

Well. Then the only thing you can do is to learn how to deal with it.

Which I am doing now.


Right. So is there any good news?

Sure. Your blood pressure is down, and you are losing weight.

Thanks, Doc. Can you do anything about the way people drive on 98?