I work on a team of about 25 people. Most of them being women.

Southern women.

There is a difference between Northern women, and Southern women.

The major difference being that Southern women just cannot accept a man not being paired up with a woman. It is like nature abhorring a vacuum. It goes against a southern woman’s nature to not match a single man up.

Forgive that segue….The point of this being that during the breaks while we are working the women I work with have been trying to figure out who they can pair me up with.

This has intrigued me on two levels. First that whole concept of southern women thinking it is their God given duty to match up any and all single men in their immediate vicinity with someones sister/daughter/niece/cousin/neighbor/church member.

And that every single man needs to find a “good woman”.

Having been married to, and in relationships with so-called “Good Women”, I was kind of hoping the next time I could be paired with a “Bad Woman”.

You see, with a “Good Woman”, when the inevitable kick in the crotch comes it is always a surprise. Not so with a “Bad Woman”. You expect it from her, so when it comes it is ¬†expected.

I like that idea.

My well wishing co-workers are always talking about how lonely I must be. They just cannot conceive that I am not. I have my music, books, and interests to keep me occupied.

If there is anything I miss it is the years I spent growing up in the burg of Keeler. The group of hooligans I spent time with during the 60’s, and 70’s didn’t realize what we had. A veritable paradise surrounded us. Fruit trees to cage fruit from when we were hungry…not to mention grape vines. Various water hoses spread throughout town to quench our thirst whenever we needed. Trees to climb, hills to sled down, dirt roads to explore, fields and fields to plod through having dirt clod fights.

But don’t try to tell that to a Southern woman hell-bent on making your life better by finding you someone to pair you up with. It all goes together like banana pudding, biscuits and gravy, and BBQ.