Thanksgiving 2016.

What a long strange trip it has been.

Two years ago I was helping entertain a houseful of Marines. I can’t remember what all we had to eat…it seemed like it was a banquet for 100’s….and all the food was eaten and appreciated.

There is something about a house full of people.

Last year I was in a house I no longer felt welcome in.

Made myself a some killer meat balls and a bechamel sauce. And some other stuff….I really can’t remember what I had to eat. Just the feeling on being alone.

I wrote about this feeling last year in a post titled,

A Glimpse of Honesty.

Click on that link and you will be taken to the post.

This year I am spending time with my Eldest daughter, her Husband, and their tribe of friends.

And their tribe is pretty awesome. Warm and friendly. Good to one another. There is going to be food, drink, laughter, talk, and dogs.

Everything that anyone can want on a holiday.

It’s weird the journeys that life takes you on.