I have spent the last 18 months thinking about the words that have wounded, and haunted me over the years.

Seen in the stark light that only the mirror of true self-examination casts, I have come to find that I am all of the above. And more. As we all are. Just not all the time.

Yes, I am arrogant, but not all of the time.

Yes, I am opinionated but I pride myself in being able to change my opinion given facts and a rational argument.

And on, and on, and on it goes. We all are our won worst critics. We all wake in the middle of the night chewing on the bones of our past mistakes.

And yes, I wrote about that but it seems that I am unable to find it in the myriad of words that I have written and posted on this site.

Forgive me.

You would think that given that opportunity to toot my own horn, that I would….

Oh wait….I can.

Told you I am self-centered.