The left lane…commonly know as the “passing lane”…is the most popular lane to drive in. Usually at 5-10 mph below the posted speed limit.

Turn signals? Whats that?

If it is raining, forget the posted speed limit. Plan on at least traveling at least 10 mph below.

Florida is the land of old people driving big assed trucks. The larger the truck, the slower it is going to be traveling….in the passing lane of course.

Drifting from the right lane to the left lane is expected. Especially on streets with restaurants on both sides of the street starting at 4:30.

Traveling through areas with a number of restaurants is to be done at your own risk as too many choices seems to cause confusion with Florida drivers. Posted speed limits in these areas are only suggestions. On the high end.

Dropping of people at the doors of shopping centers is expected. And then an ensuing conversation between the passenger being dropped off and the driver that lasts for a good 10 minutes.

Stop signs are merely suggestions.

These are the most important things you need to learn if you are driving in Florida. There are many more that are variations on the main themes, but these will get you going.

Safe travels, y’all.