You ever have one of those days where you have responsible adult things to do.

And you just don’t want to.

Nope. Not today.

Because, you know, being responsible sucks. plain and simple. Why did we even want to DO this shit?

When we were in our adolescence we wanted to be a teenager. When we were teens we wanted to get hit 16 so we could get our drivers license.

Then we wanted to be 21. Yeah. Being 21 is going to be AWESOME.

And then it is the dreaded ticking of the years to boring adulthood ….. 30. No one wants to be 30. It is the end of youth, it is the end of Fun!

Anyway….lost my train of thought with that a bit. Other than I just want a day without having to be responsible. And I don’t even know what that would mean.

At what age do we forget about mindless fun? Joyous oblivion. And that wonderful feeling of be so safe you feel invincible.

Which is just another conglomeration of words that mean it sucks to be an adult sometimes, but those times are usually in small number to the good.

Damn, I am starting to sound like some sort of Polly-anna.