Last night it rained. More like earlier this morning.

Regardless, when I took my bags out to the car the grass was wet. The Jasmine arch over the fence dripped on my head and shoulders as I passed through it.

The sky still had the low-lying, dark clouds but the sun was busily burning them off. There air was still heavy with humidity but the breeze had a dry taste to it.

My travels this week take me to South Carolina. I won’t bore you with road numbers and the like, just suffice it to say that I take mostly 2-lane roads when I can. I drive enough on the the interstates to hold me over for a long time and a good ole 2-lane is a welcome relief.

The sun was now shining through the trees giving the roads that dappled look.

And just like that I was walking the streets of Keeler, Michigan. Dressed in jeans, a sweat shirt and my favorite blue jean coat. And don’t forget my boots. My beloved combat boots given to me by my eldest brother.

I loved those boots. I wore them until I wore the soles off, and my toes were coming out the sides. David always chided me for not taking proper care of them, but he just didn’t know that they were perfect.

Walking through the wet leaves along the side of road. That chill, but dry wind in your face, the sun burning off the moisture from the pavement.

It was a perfect day.