It has begun.

The usual seasonal question.

“Where are you going to spend Christmas?”

When what is actually meant is…”Who are you going to be spending Christmas with?”

And the inevitable reactions when I say that I will be spending Christmas with myself.

“That’s so sad.”


“Aren’t you going to be lonely?”

And the answers would be….not really….because that is the way it is…and….no.

I have celebrated…if you can call it that…Christmas by myself for the past 3 years….and truth be told…for a good number of years before that.

It really isn’t a big deal to me. When I have the chance to be with friends and family I fully enjoy it. As I did this last Thanksgiving.

And when I don’t have that chance, I enjoy doing what the hell I want to do. I will make something good for my meal. I will drink some good bourbon, and smoke a couple of good cigars.

And that will be that.

What could be better?