Made a snarky post the other day, surprise surprise, concerning my sincere sympathy with my Norther friends and family with the weather that they will soon be experiencing.

The sleet. The cold rain. Snow. Ice.

All those wonderful parts of winter that I can no longer fully enjoy. Unless it is from my porch here in Florida.

The post is one I do every year. A tongue in cheek poking just to get a response. And as usual, I did. But interestingly enough, I received a question from a friend asking if I saw myself ever missing a 4 season area.

I blithely responded that I missed the memory of it as opposed to the reality. Specific pieces of time that are sweet to experience in my mind….fully knowing that They were once upon a time, never to be again.

It got me thinking about “Home”, the concept as opposed to the reality. How we, or maybe just me, process the experiences we had in the past….specifically for me my childhood. If I need to I can call up every ugly, negative this that has happened to me. The good experiences, and there are more than the negative, are more grouped by the people I was with at the time.

I have written about a few of those experiences…snow sledding in Keeler. College. Band, and music.

So I do remember walking around Keeler while a soft snow falls. The squeaking of my boots in the snow. The cold cut of air in my throat as I inhale, the warm cloud as I exhale. I also remember driving on icy roads scared shitless.

I remember the weather turning cold. Jack Frost nipping at my nose and all of that….and I remember walking to class in cold November rain.

All of those memories…..

Like how a song will come on the radio and you are immediately in a different time and place. For the first few seconds of the song you are experiencing whatever memory has attached itself to the song and in your brain.

Defining who we are, or possibly just giving us the ability of knowing where we came from.