Today I played a FaceCrack game.

I usually don’t do this, as I feel that they are manipulative. I am in the process of creating the personae of the crochety old man at the end of the street, and don’t want anyone to think that I have actually feelings.


All this little exercise asked was that you hit like, make a comment and then if you wanted to post the blurb on your page.

I have a couple hundred “friends” on FaceCrack.

Some I went to school with, some I met through other friends, some I have never actually met at all other than on-line.

To my surprise, over 50 of the people on my “friends” list reached out.

And even more…it really made my day. Seeing the name of each person as they posted, remembering where I knew them from brought a smile to this cranky old man’s face.

And all we were doing was saying hello to one another.

It is really all that simple.

Saying hello.

So, going forward….I plan on saying hello to people who are in my friends list every day. Why? Because it made me feel good. I don’t expect anything from it other than what I get out of it…feeling good by remembering where I know that person from.

Connections. And maintaining those connections. I have sucked at this for the most part of my life. I am looking to improve on that going forward.

Namaste, my Bitchachos….