And here we are.

Christmas 2017 is in the books.

We are in the week between Christmas, and New Years.

A week were nothing gets accomplished.

Unlike the week before Christmas where every retailer in the world is pushing everything they can out of their backrooms.

“Get it on the floor!” is the war cry before Christmas.

After Christmas it is a struggle to get anyone to do anything. Especially after a long holiday weekend like we just came through. Most folks after going back to work are talking to one another about how their kids enjoyed their presents. How much weight they gained. How much they drank. Anything having to do with anything but taking care of business.

Used to be much worse back in the day…when folks could drink at work.

Yeah, you read that right.

There was a time when having a little “holiday cheer” was acceptable. In the office. In the backrooms. Out in the parking lot.

This week between Christmas and New Years is a forgotten week. A week where you can go to Walmart and load up on Christmas clearance goods. A week where the struggle to get back into the rhythm of business is very real.

And in retail, it is the week where you keep condensing the Christmas leftovers as you put out the Valentines Day candy.

It is a never ending circle celebrating those spaces inbetween.