I have been re-posting holiday posts from years past lately. I have been doing it for a couple of reasons.

First, I kinda like them. They came out at a time when  I was being very proficient in my writing.

Secondly, I just don’t know what kind of Christmas Spirit I can dredge up this year.

I did get my Grandson’s gift off. And that is what matters the most to me.

I need to send something to Mom. I will figure that out in a day or so.

I have arranged my meal for Christmas Day. I have all of the ingredients, and have no need to battle the insanity that is going to be in the grocery stores in the next few days.

I do feel sorry for my friends who still work in grocery retail as these last few days before Christmas are totally insane with people buying everything and anything for all the family gatherings.

The only thing I will probably need is alcohol. But I live in a resort town so that won’t be hard to come by. And I have enough cigars to last me through.

I just need some Christmas ummmph….

And I have not found it.