I am a native Michigander. I am no stranger to foul weather. Tornadoes, strong rains, blizzards, ice storms. Been through them all. Nothing matches waiting on a hurricane.

Snow scares mean you might lose power, you might not be able to move around on the streets like you are used to for a day or so. Tornadoes are a bit different. Fallen limbs and trees, damage to houses, power outages. You experience these types of bad weather in Real Time. You watch the snow fall and pile up. For the most part you can watch the rain and tornadoes come.

Hurricanes take their time and meander around. There is no way to predict where they are headed with any certainty.

And that is what has me about ready to toss my cookies. I have all this information from the weather stations and channels, and they all keep telling me that with everything they DO know they really don’t know much.


I am already packed as I was supposed to be heading to Mississippi for work. Nope. Canceled. Now I am waiting to find out where I am going to be sent for storm recovery. Most likely the middle of the state. If I can get there, and if I don’t have to evacuate myself.

I have my guitar, my laptop, pictures of my kids, a few paintings I don’t want to lose, and that is about it. If I can replace it, it stays.

But I don’t know if I ┬áhave to leave yet. The weather is beautiful still. Sunshine, warm breeze. I am actually heading to the ocean in a couple to hours. All while my stomach is churning.

A friend posted this earlier and I am stealing it and posting it here….words to read and appreciate…

Dear Non-Floridians,
Rules when discussing the hurricane with Floridians need to be put in place….
1) Calling people who don’t evacuate “idiots” or saying “they deserve what happens to them” is a judgement statement that without facts, you are not qualified to make.
2) Just go get a plane ticket! (You can’t just fly out.) Don’t make statements or give advice on how we should evacuate. You don’t have the slightest knowledge of what we are up against. There are challenges to leaving. Flights out are being changed, cancelled, delayed. Tickets are $2-3,000 higher than they normally are and that’s one way.
3) Don’t say “Get in your car and drive fast out” A) Gas stations are getting fuel still, but that fuel is gone before the lines are empty.
B. ) There is no driving fast. Cars are moving 5-7 mph on highways trying to get to safety. The lines are long and imagine, with a gas shortage, being stuck on highways in jams for 12-15 hours.
4) Florida has one way out, and that is through the top (Northern) part of the state. There are basically 2 major roads out. Those roads are jammed, backed up, and not expected to change.
5) To post “Florida is about to be wiped off the map” because you are watching the news reports and panicking from 3,000 miles away- is not the most uplifting thing for us to see. Plus, don’t speak your devastation to us. Be positive!
6) “If I lived in Florida, I would have evacuated a week ago.” Well I’m not so sure that you would have. It’s not that simple if you have a heart…not only that, you don’t know until the final days which path the storm is going to take. Homes have to be boarded up. Things have to be done to ensure that if you do leave, you have somewhere to return.
7) Stop saying God is angry and that’s why Texas went through what Texas went through and that Florida is being hit. God isn’t angry. Every person in the path of destruction was created in His image. Every person not in the path of destruction was created in His image. He is not angry. He is not judging us. He is not putting His wrath down. If you believe that, we don’t serve the same God.
8.) “Go to a safer part of the state.” Yes, we thought of that. No one knows exactly what part that is. If Irma takes a turn it could hit the west coast- if we are all fleeing to the west coast because it says the east coast is the most dangerous, then that could be costly. We know what we need to do and we are monitoring the situation.
Feel Free to pray for us!
Feel Free to check on us, text us, call us. But, don’t text your fears of our demise. Don’t call us crying because you are scared for us.
We have a storm to conquer and we need to be healthy, mentally and physically.
When your son or daughter or friend gets ready to go play in a competitive sport … before the game, do you call them and say ….
“you are going to lose”
“don’t show up for the game”
“The odds are against you”
I would hope not… well we are preparing to overcome this storm. Send us some prayers and encouragement and homor! We welcome it! If you are going to do anything less than that, turn your TV or radio off and keep your mouth shut!
God bless all, stay safe, love and help your neighbors