The rest of that lyric is:

“When the waves turn the minute to hours?”

A line from “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.”

Hyperbolic? Maybe….but if I were one of the folks trapped in there homes watching the water rise around them, I think that line would ring very true.

I have never had to walk around my home and figure out what I was going to take, and what I was going to leave behind. It is easy to say that possessions can be replaced. It is a lot harder when you are looking at pictures, and momentos that you have accumulated throughout your life, knowing that you are not going to be able to take them all.

How do you prioritize?

I was lucky. Irma dodged to the East and pretty much left my area alone. Not so for millions….MILLIONS of others.

I have lived through tornadoes. Blizzards…yes I remember the blizzard of ’78. I was snowed in for a week. That was a breeze compared to looking at a storm with wind screaming at you at over 100 mph. You can watch snow fall. With wind all you can see are the objects that it has picked up along the way and are hurtling toward you.

Or feel those objects as they hit you, or your home.

I am no longer a hurricane virgin, but my sphincter was clenched pretty tight for a couple of days. So much so that I joke that I have had spasms ever since Monday.

I know that I will hawkeye the next storm just as I did this one. I have an evacuation plan. I am not a brave one to ride out a hurricane.

And I continue to send my thoughts and prayers to those in Florida that are still working through the aftermath.