There are people in all of our lives that we do not deserve. Good people who step up with out question or hesitation. People you can never thank enough, or pay back their kindness and support. If you are lucky enough you have one of those type people in your life….I am more than blessed to have two of those people in my life.

I have been hiding out with these friends for the past two weeks. Through the whirlwind, roller coaster ride I have been experiencing visiting friends and family over Thanksgiving. They have been my reality anchor. Coming back to their home each evening sipping bourbon, smoking cigars, and just being with one another was all that I needed.

And now I am heading back to the Gulf Coast. It is time. The Meth Lab is calling to me. The waves, the wind off of the ocean.

I am tired of this cold weather. Watching the leaden-grey clouds swirling, and eddying in the sky like liquid. The sun desperately trying to break through. I have enjoyed watching the leaves swirl and dance along the yards and street.

But I need to get warm again. I need to feel the sun on my face.

And we all know that the snow is coming.

I do not do snow any longer.

Thank you to all of my friends. It has been wonderful to see you, to share you  laughter, and hugs.

Each one of you has helped me get to where I am. And I am at peace.

Thank you.