Moving again.

And even though I have thought that I had pared things down it seems that I have much more now than what I thought.

I left Pennsylvania two years ago with a fully packed Honda Accord. I talked about that a little bit in a post titled: Movin’ on up.

In that post I talked a lot about how our feelings get attached to things. And I am going through that now as I pack to move to my new place.

I have the major items packed and moved. Now I am down to the miscellaneous items. Personal care stuff, gotta get my stuff out of the refrigerator, and the few items I have in the garage.

And of course then I get that pleasure of unpacking all of that stuff at the new place.

I hope I don’t have to do this again any time soon, because I am not a fan of all of this packing and ¬†unpacking.

And this is an easy move because I have no furniture that goes with me. I should find comfort in that. But right now all I can think of is cleaning out the clothes that I just took to the new place and getting rid of what I don’t wear.

Change is working its magic.