Coconut water. Who the hell needs coconut water?

There absolutely no benefit to drink coconut water as opposed to regular water.

What the hell?

Why are we such suckers for fancy and exotic sounding names for seemingly everything? Food included.

Brasilia Blueberry is the name of an infusion. There is no such thing as a “Brasilia Blueberry.”

And I pretty much think that the blueberries I could get from Unrath Farms in Hartford, Michigan would still be far superior to any imported from somewhere exotic.

EVen though Hartford IS pretty exotic….Just sayin’…..

Moving on.

The point to all of this is simply….why?

We seem to have the attention spans of colicky toddlers.

I was talking to a customer the other day in the detergent aisle about the products she uses for pretty much every load of laundry.

Of course there is the detergent, but then there is also a scent enhancer, then a fabric softener, not to forget the dryer sheets.

Good lord.

Nothing is good enough if it doesn’t involve some weird series of steps, has an exotic sounding name, or swears that use of the product will make our dearest desires come to life.

Wait….that is advertising…..the other demon in our passion play.

Which will have to wait for another time.