Getting to the point when we are going to be getting into our vehicles, point them south, and head out for warmer climes.

This time cannot come too soon. Winter Storm Juno has wreaked its destruction. Some areas have gotten a couple of inches of snow, some areas have gotten feet of snow. It all takes me back to the Polar Vortex of January 2014 where I spent my days and nights wrapped in blankets, and comforters in -20 degree weather when I was living in Pennsylvania. ┬áThis year hasn’t been that bad, but as I write this I am sitting next to a nicely roaring fire while outside the temps drop down to the high 20’s.

I didn’t sign up for this shit when I moved to North Carolina. And so further south I am headed.

Plans of the beer that I am going to be putting into the fermenters swirl in my head.

The castille soap that is going to be made when we get to our new house. Because we all know that castille soap has to age 6-9 months before it is good to use.

And let us not mention the moonshine. Wait. Did someone say moonshine? That isn’t going to happen. No. That was a mistake. No moonshine here.

Just sayin’……