Love that word. Always have.

Well, the week is over but I have a few pet peeves that are still sticking in my craw.

Another great word….craw.


People who camp out in the left hand lane. Why? What good reason could anyone have for not getting their vehicle back into the right hand lane. Where we all know they belong.

People camping out in the left hand lane and traveling below the speed limit. What. The. Hell.

People who wander around talking on the phones with it on speaker….almost as annoying as those who walk around with the spock thing in their ear talking. I had a guy…who was having a conversation with a woman..on speaker….come up to me the other day and ask me for help finding a product. As he is talking to this woman, and her to him. In the course of their conversation she asked him a question and he took his time answering….so I answered for him. He did not think that was amusing. I looked at him and said, “What?” “You are on speaker, I thought it was a public conversation.”

Off he stalked.

My cable not working. I have been calling and bitching to Cox Cable about this for a good month. And I finally had to demand a tech. At no cost. Which I got…but he waited to show up until two minutes before the “guarantee¬†window” closed. Asshat.

Managers who try to suck every minute of free labor out of you that they can. I am a Retail Merchandiser. My contract states that when I do a reset, I get all of the new merchandise out of the backroom and work it to the shelf. Today I finished a set, worked out the new product that they had in the back and the Manager comes sashaying up to me saying, “My truck just pulled up. I will need you to work any of the new product that is unloaded onto the shelf.”

Yeah. Not happening, honey. I don’t stick around for your truck to be unloaded.

But now it if Friday evening. My cable is working. I have a drink to make, a cigar to smoke and a couple of songs to sing.

What about you?

What are you going to be doing at the end of this week?