You need to write something.

I know.

But what?

How long has it been since you last posted?

Good lord. Look at those stats.

Like a sinking ship.

Good thing you aren’t running a business off of that site.

So what do you want to write about?

Well….No politics, no religion, no moral outrage….I just do not have the strength or conviction to ever try to argue with the trolls that will come out of the woodwork on those subjects.

How about just talking about where I am at.

Hell no.

To let anyone in on what goes on inside of this head on a daily basis would scar people.

Passive aggressive self-deprecation.

Attention whore.


What to write.

Back to school. Done… interest.

Fall/Autumn. Too easy to get a rise.

Upcoming holidays? Ugh.

Just ugh.

Brag about weather…even though it has rained every day and every night for the past week.

No, because there is shit going on all over the country weather-wise and that would be douchie.

Is that even a word?

Fuck it. It is now.


I need coffee.