Soap And Things


You have it, I have it. We all need it. Go to wikipedia and you will find that there are 41 brands of soap across the globe.

Within those 41 brands are various types. Hard, soft, Antibacterial, glycerin, transparent, liquid.

How the heck are you supposed to make a decision on something that on the surface should be simple?

Here’s something to make it even worse for you. Most commercially made soaps aren’t even soap. They are detergents.

Soaps are made from items found in nature. A combination of fats, and a metallic salt like sodium Chloride, or potassium chloride.

Detergents on the other hand are made from man-made, synthetic, ingredients. While soaps are not harmful to the skin, detergents can be due to the harsh chemicals in them.

I have been doing some informal research on soap. Part of this research was looking at the sheer number of different soaps on the market. One store I visited had 25 different soaps…..granted, the majority of that number was different scents within a brand. In other words, Irish Spring has an original scent and about  others. I counted each of those as a different soap when in fact they are the same. Another store had 35 different kinds. And they are all basically the same thing, with different colors, and scents.