Life would be so much simpler is A+B always equaled C. If, in dealing with humans, you could always find that there was one and only one reason for why people do what they do.

Unfortunately, life isn’t like that. You can’t use your laser vision and focus in on one cause, and only one cause, for a problem. Everything in dealing with people involves many variables. Take, for example, gun control.

Yes, I went there.

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to possessing a weapon. Some believe that everyone should be able to carry a weapon anywhere, and at anytime that they want. These people feel that if everyone was armed, then those who were inclined to use them to harm others would think twice. Some believe that laws should be passed to make it more difficult to get weapons in the first place. This group of people cite the flaws in the current system that has allowed people who have a mental illness acquire and use guns with horrendous results.

Both sides are very vehement in arguing their individual sides. I, of course, think that we are all missing the larger picture….which is what happens when you start pointing fingers….sighting in with that laser guided vision we love to use. Because all the bad things that happen in the world are because OTHER PEOPLE screw up. Not me.

People don’t “just snap”. There are always warning signs….if you pay attention, and observe what is going on. I firmly believe that if we paid better attention to one another, if we cared enough to be concerned with our fellow humans that this would be an important first step in cutting back on the violence going on in our country.

I also believe that the reduction in the availability of adequate mental health services also has a part in this mess. When you make it difficult, if not impossible for a person to receive good, competent help it just makes the chance of a mentally ill person lashing out greater.

Guns do not kill people. People kill people. Rational people do not kill people. Rational people find ways to correct a situation that is clearly out of control. Rational people don’t point fingers and place blame on one single factor. Rational people take a look at all sides and figure out what needs to be changed to correct the problem.

Damn, I wish we had more rational people.