I have mentioned before that I pay attention to the folks who read my meanderings…..and today I lost one of you.  It might have to do with the post I wrote this morning talking about my following of the 12 steps….and my particular slant on them.

It could be that I am just not their cup of tea…or coffee.  I, myself, prefer coffee but to each their own.

It could be any number of things.  Like the way that I still use two spaces after periods.  I just can’t get past my high school typing training…regardless of how computers justify my keystrokes on the screen.

So, for those of you how have kept reading…my sincere thanks.  I have always told you that I am going to say what I think….unfortunately today I just had to say what I did.

No apologies.  I stay true to me.

But maybe with a few less expletives.