Ha!  You were thinking that I was going to write “Love Me”, now weren’t you?

Well that would be a bit of a stretch, now wouldn’t it?

In all actuality…to know me is to continually wonder, “why?”

Why does this guy say and do the things that he does?  Why don’t I just go along, to get along.

And I can appreciate that, really I can. My parents and siblings have been asking that question for years, and years.  And with the advent of this blog lo these 7 or so years ago, that sentiment has been voiced way too many times for my liking….

I don’t have little ones running around that I can wax poetic about.  Commenting on the cute, and funny things that they do on a daily basis. My offspring are all adults, and it seems a huge invasion of their privacy to talk about them and their lives.  And to be honest, I don’t know that much about what they are going through that I would want to share with the webs.

So that just leaves me, and the thoughts that bounce off of the walls of my skull.

Lucky you, eh?

Just thought that I would toss that out there.  Friday night and all, don’t you know….