This, my friends, is where our need to anesthetize ourselves from the pressures of our society has lead us.  I present you with excerpts from Black Friday:

Fighting for a 23″ television.  I would turn down someone offering me a 23″ television at this point in my life.

Well, at least no one was killed at Walmart this year.

And here we have a stun gun being used….

And there are hundreds of other videos of people behaving badly that could be posted here.  The saddest part of this whole mess is this…..well, actually there are a couple of really sad parts.

First:  that people feel the need to act like animals over things.  Is it really worth it, tossing a couple of elbows into the face of the person beside you just to save a couple of bucks?

Second:  the amount of entertainment that spectators get from this.  You can hear people laughing, and commenting in pretty much every video.

Third:  that I have these videos to post.

Welcome to the Season of Love.