Or so the song says.

Lots of things going on.  Lots of things that have been talked about, and have yet to be discussed.  Let’s just say that I will make sure that you catch up as it is all appropriate.

I am officially in North Carolina now.  Living the good life right off of the 16th fairway of a golf course.  We were out picking up golf balls the other day from people like me who are horrible golfers and slice their drives like a pizza.

I am just about finished with all of the tests I have to take for the job that I have accepted.  I have to tell you, I hate taking tests.  And being as old as I am I get horrible test anxiety.  Of course that could have been all the coffee and cigars that I had before I took that last one.  My heart felt like it was coming through my chest.

The weather is getting warmer.  Life is good.  I do have a few things that we need to discuss….why the people in North Carolina seems to like to hang out in the fast lane on the highway when they are driving 10 mph under the speed limit…..why everyone in our housing development feels the need to wave at me when I am driving past…the other day I was passing a Mom and her toddler and she had the toddler flapping his hands like they were flippers as I drove on past…what the heck is that about.