What is wrong with us as a species that we ask one another to participate in the smelling of all things foul?

In my time on this planet I have had various wives, girlfriends, and acquaintances ask me to verify that foulness of things that have been found at the rear of the refrigerator.

“Does this smell bad?”

What the hell?

If YOU think it smells bad, why do I have to participate in the process?

Why do I need to smell that foulness?

The sad part is that I do the same thing to myself.

The other night, during work, I came across a small piece of foulness that ranks at the top of the rank and foul scale.

A spit cup.

For the uninitiated let me explain what that item is. A spit cup is used by a person who chews tobacco (Just a little between cheek and gum), and then instead of swallowing the tobacco juice (read: tobacco infused saliva) they spit it into a cup. Where is warms to room temperature.

Yep. A cup of room temperature spit infused with tobacco.

I just threw up a little in my mouth typing that.

Anyway…..knowing what the cup contained I hurried up and moved on.

But my mind kept coming back to it. I kept wondering if it truly WAS a spit cup. How could I be sure without looking into it. What if it wasn’t one?

I walked back to where it was sitting on the shelf. And stopped myself from looking into the cup.

Because I just knew that it HAD to be a spit cup.

But I just couldn’t bring myself to verify that.

I really wanted someone to ask to check it out for me.

It’s a sickness.