January 28, 2014.


if you click on that link you can read all about it. Dozens of cars, tractor trailers, trucks and such stuck on 280….which is a major travel route.

Jump to this week.

A Winter Storm Watch is updated to a Winter Storm Warning.

Schools are closed.

As I have been working in a grocery store all week I was expecting a mad rush.

Didn’t happen. At 4pm there were 4 registers open with 2 customers in line. I asked a clerk when they expected the rush….she said that it had been crazy all day.

Having working in Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania during snow scares I know what a grocery store gets like when a storm is coming.

And this wasn’t it.

I mean, come on….it isn’t a snow scare until you have a couple of women duking it out over the last package of hamburger rolls….or white bread.

Maybe I am just not used to snow scares in the polite society of of Birmingham.

Either way I am looking forward to having Birmingham in my rear-view tomorrow.

Just to turn around and drive to Auburn, Al Monday morning.

The life of a modern day Mad Max.