Global Positioning Satellites.

Or, as I like to call it…”Getting Phil Somewhere.”

I grew up in the age of Rand McNally and their huge sized Atlas.

I remember getting the one that my father had next to his chair, lying down on the floor and tracing my way through the highways and byways of the United States and Canada. Dreaming of all the places that I would go and the adventures there.

When I got my first car one of the first things I did…other than set the radio buttons to my favorite stations…was to get an atlas to have in the car.

Trips were planned using the atlas. Routes were discussed and followed. The passenger in the car was not a passive entity…they were your navigator.

No longer.

GPS has changed all of that. My one friend calls her GPS “The Bitch in the Box” due to the machine not caring that you want to drive in the fast lane rather than follow her directions as to your right turn coming up.

Our ever changing world.

“Getting Phil Somewhere.”

One way or another.