I wrote about moving to the south before in the post titled “Cleaning My Closet.”  Click on that convenient link and you will be taken to that post.  Though to be honest, most of what was written there will end up here also.

You see, a lot of my friends are doing what I have been doing since the first of the year.  Cleaning out the places where their past lives had been stored.  Closets, basements, dresser drawers, garages, car ports, and sheds.  Bags, and boxes full of memories…..going to either yard sales, or donation bins.  Each of us for a different reason…some due to divorce.  Some due to death.  Some due to just because it is time.  Children have grown, moved out, went to college.  And in the way that kids do, they had left many parts of their years living with their parents behind.  Left for us to deal with.

And regardless of knowing that the reasons that we have to remove these items, it is like picking pieces of ourselves off.  Little bits of ourselves…to hold, and examine before it goes into that box, or that bag.

Spring time is a time for cleaning our homes.  Opening the windows as the air gets warmer.  Letting the new air in, and chasing the stale air of winter out.  Letting the new, fresh air of a new fresh life in.  Chasing the stale air of that old life out.  Washing the grit off of the way we see the world.

Anyone have any extra packing tape?