The Walker and I got into an early Sunday morning coffee conversation over the state of our society this morning.

Morning coffee I guess didn’t suffice for me as I had to end that sentence clarifying that it was this morning when we had the conversation.

Going through my facecrack feed I came across some postings that I took offense to.  Imagine that.

Some people want the folks who are receiving State and Federal aid to be required to take drug tests.  My argument…we don’t have the money to take care of our roads without taxing gasoline out of this universe….but we want to spend money on drug tests.  Florida did it…and it was found unconstitutional.

I hear folks screaming about excess spending in Washington…that they want their taxes reduced…but we want to spend money on drug tests.

Her argument…companies require drug tests, why not?

Other things I have issue with…people posting things asking if I want God back in the White House.  First off, I didn’t  know that he had ever left.  I have to believe that there are any number of people in our government who actually believe in a God…no matter how they interpret that Being.


Sunday mornings are getting way too stressful for me….