You know I am going to do it.

Thanksgiving week, y’all.

Today, Monday, I saw a couple of people in tents outside of a Best Buy. Waiting to get in and get that something. And you just know that as calm, and chill as it seemed today, by Friday Morning it is going to look a little like this:


With a little bit of this tossed in:


I wish I had some really great suggestions for you as you head out to shop until you drop, or drop the person in front of you. I just don’t. I have worked in retail for what seems like a million years, and I just find the Black Friday hoopla to be absolutely ridiculous. Most of the stuff you are fighting for is low end merchandise that will break and be returned quicker than you had to scamper through the crowds to get it.

Yeah. I am jaded by it all.

But if you must, you must. Just don’t take is all too seriously. There are better deals on Cyber Monday, and you don’t have to hang out with a bunch of smelly people who have had way too many carbs, and probably didn’t brush their teeth before going out shopping.

Unless you have some really gross co-workers.


There is that.